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Alphawave Mobile Network Services

We provide Electromagnetic Safety services and products to the telecoms industry.

Our offerings are built on our expertise in the field of human exposure assessment to radio-frequency fields. For more than two decades we have focused our efforts on the assessment of human exposure to cellphone technologies. These include measurements and numerical predictions of exposure to cellphones and base station antennas and establishment/developing of RF safety programs. Alphawave publishes its research results in international peer-reviewed literature and has written numerous technical reports on base station site surveys performed on request from cellular operators and/or members of the public.


Our team consists of field teams, engineers, logistics and management. We have expert levels of knowledge in both systems and telecom infrastructure, allowing us to deliver professional technical consulting services to all the Mobile Network stakeholders.

We have a nationwide presence with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.


Alphawave Group

The Alphawave Group has a unique approach to investment, focused on aligning and supporting the right people to find commercial ideas based on their individual field of expertise.

Profits and experience are shared from the profitable businesses to grow the incubation and scaling businesses.


We are leaders in providing services and products in the field of Electromagnetics Safety .